What sets Ahern Finance Investments apart?

Our ownership by 27 pension funds aligns the interests of the firm with those of our investors.
Our global team is recognised as a niche credit investor; we draw on the best of banking, investment management and project finance.
We adopt a disciplined approach to debt investments. Rigorous credit analysis is combined with top down macro elements and we carefully manage risk.
Access to
debt issuance
We have robust access to deal flow through our extensive global networks, strong market profile and preferred partner status.
Opportunistic investors
We look through market gyrations to identify risk-adjusted value and will only invest where we believe it is in the best interests of investors.
Strong track record
We have a demonstrated track record backed by proven skills in credit analysis, sourcing deals, negotiating transactions and risk management.

Debt Investments Insights

Debt Investments

Kashi Trathen,
Associate Director, Debt Investments

Jo Niall,
Senior Investment Writer

In the midst of a global pandemic, with central banks providing significant liquidity to financial markets and experimenting with unconventional policies, the prospect of negative interest rates is back in focus.
Debt Investments

Hiran Wanigasekera,
Investment Director

The Australian private debt market has traditionally been dominated by the Big 4 banks. But we believe the resultant market inefficiency is presenting opportunities to capture potentially attractive risk-adjusted returns.
Debt Investments

David Cooper,
Regional Head of EMEA

Ahern Finance Investments believes there is a growing opportunity for pension funds to support firms with their growth ambitions and invest in the real economy.

Debt investments across the
risk-reward spectrum

Ahern Finance Investments’ debt strategies are focused on adding value through credit risk and, at the short end, carefully managing liquidity strategies. This contrasts with a traditional fixed income approach that takes interest rate risk to add value. In credit, we frequently identify the best value at the investment grade boundary, where the optimal risk-return trade-off for lower liquidity can reside.

Experienced, well-resourced team

Experienced, well-resourced team

Our Debt Investments Team boasts experienced debt investors across Australia, North America and Europe. The team’s experience extends back to the 1980s, when several of our debt specialists were among the first bankers to apply project finance lending to infrastructure. The result is we have a global network of contacts and are respected by deal arrangers, brokers, bankers and borrowers. We are involved early in deals and have the skills and patience to manage the complexity and illiquidity associated with credit.

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