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Our services, which are designed to maximise opportunity, mitigate risk and minimise costs to your business and investmentss includes

Ahern Finance offers you a platform to achieve all your investment objectives. No matter who you are, all you need to do is have the dream and we provide the means!

Ahern Finance Provides global resources and capabilities with a local presence, resulting in a clear understanding of each client’s specific market and way of doing business.

Ahern Finance Financial Planning Service can help you with pensions and retirement, estate planning, investing for children and advice on your other lifestyle goals.

We provide financial advice or guidance to customers for compensation in areas of investment management in forex,CBD and Options trading.


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Why We Are Different

We seek to run an efficient, transparent and focused investment process to get us to a decision quickly and identify where we can add value. We connect investees to our network of industry experts and share learnings across the global portfolio.

We offer superior investment advice, products and services to help you build, manage and protect your wealth.

Our investment planning helps you to maximise the growth of your portfolio whilst making sure you can afford it.

Our Market Services Provide You With Securities Borrowing, Lending & Derivatives Clearing. Leverage Our Trustee Services And Investment Administration Services.

Ahern Investments aims to develop innovative investment solutions, helping our clients achieve their investment goals in the changing investment environments.

We provide a variety of market research tools. The secret is to keep it simple: whether in fundamental or technical market research.

Ahern Finance offers service brokerage house offering stock broking and advisory services to local and foreign, private and institutional clients.

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Whether you're thinking about which investments might be right for you, plan options or have any questions about our operations, request a call back and our expert team would get in touch very shortly.


Are you struggling to understand how this investment works? Do you find it complicated? Are you still not sure how to. Here is our business proposal for you.

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Our goal is to maximize investor return and minimize any potential loss by applying these principles in a disciplined and pragmatic process. We rely on facts, not speculation to purchase high return, predictable companies at significant discounts to intrinsic values.

Simple, reliable, scalable, and consistent - that’s what I look for in passive investments and Ahern Finance continues to deliver. The Ahern Finance team do the heavy lifting, generating competitive returns for investors in the form of both cash and peace of mind.
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M.R., Denver

Since my first investment with Ahern, member of the team has taken the time to meet and explain every detail and question I have had. Over the years, I have invested a significant part of my retirement with him. They delivered more than I have expected. I hope for many more good years.
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Miranda Smith

Ahern Finance has demonstrated integrity over the long term. When many investment firms appear just long enough to make a quick buck and leave, Ahern Finance endures. They always find ways to make good investments—even when it's not easy.
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Vijayent Murty

Ahern Finance understands the anxieties that come with investing and at each meeting manages to reassure the client so that they leave feeling positive about the future.